Legal Services

Litigation and arbitration law includes judicial and pre-trial disputes, negotiations (alternative ways of disputes resolution), all courts instances and arbitrations.

Our attorneys at law render these legal services in the area of litigation and arbitration law:

  • consulting and representation of clients in pre-trial disputes, negotiations and alternative processes of disputes resolution;
  • consulting, representation of clients and defense of their interests in all courts instances and arbitrations, and also in relations with other natural and juridical persons;
  • preparation of procedural documents, conclusions, claims, formation of dispute resolution tactics and strategy;
  • consulting on various issues of judicial and arbitral disputes resolution;
  • assistance in accepting and executing of foreign and arbitral decisions;
  • representation of clients in the process of judgments enforcement.

Do you need help?

Successfully practicing in both general jurisdiction and administrative courts, our team members provide qualified advice in many cases to avoid unnecessary litigation. Our lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of law, have studied in international and specialized courses and trainings, and participated in international and national projects.