Administrative Law

Administrative law is a part of public law which governs social interaction, the main function of it is a warranty and protection of mutual public interests.

Intellectual property Law

Intellectual property and information technology practice includes legal acts governing advices concerning copyrights, inventions, trademarks, electronic commerce, telecommunications, personal data protection, and related areas.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law

Bankruptcy and restructuring law governs procedures of company restructuring and bankruptcy.

Contract Law

Contract law includes public legal intercourse the main (or one of the main) means or part of which is the contract.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is the field of law regulating legal relationship between companies. This includes companies establishment, meetings of shareholders and other bodies, assignation and recall of their members, companies management, increase and decrease of companies authorized capital and other issues.

Tax disputes

The area of tax disputes includes disputes between the taxpayer and the tax administrator, complaints, negotiations and tax litigation in various institutions and courts.

Litigation and Arbitration Law

Litigation and arbitration law includes judicial and pre-trial disputes, negotiations (alternative ways of disputes resolution), all courts instances and arbitrations.

Law on Public procurement

Law on public procurement is a part of law which governs area of public procurement, including acquisition of goods, services and works by purchasing organizations (state and municipal institutions and companies), the purpose of which is to conclude agreement on public procurement.

Labor Law

Labour law is a part of law which governs the relationship between employees and employers.

Real estate Law

Real estate law includes legal acts which governs real estate transactions, real estate usage and management, territory planning, construction and analogous areas.

Competition Law

Competition law is the field of law which preserves freedom of fair competition, governs activity of public administration entities and business entities restricting or being able to restrict competition and unfair competition action, set rights, obligations and responsibility of these entities, as well as legal basis for competitions restriction and unfair competition supervision.


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